About Life of Treedom.

If you want the full, long version, you can read about it here.

The name is a pun type name, I make no apologies for that. There was a time in the 80’s that I thought that pun names should die a death. Now I’m quite fond of them.

The short version is that in 2022 quit my twenty year plus tech career, I bought a woodland and I also returned to college to study forestry and arboriculture so that I could manage my woodland properly, start working as a tree guy and get after it in my workshop making and selling items made from materials from our woodland.

Basically, I'm living a life split between tree work, woodland management and woodworking.

A life of treedom.

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You can read some stuff for free and you can always hop over to my Youtube channel where you’ll get access to all of the public videos. That’s all free of any monetary charge to you.

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Would I be making you a millionaire if I become a paid subscriber?

I wish, but no.

All money from subscriptions will get invested back into my Life of Treedom. Whilst one day I hope to extract a reasonable wage from my tree work (read more about that in my Hello World post), it is currently my intention to use the revenue from this substack into buying better video and audio equipment as well as covering the costs for a range of activities related to our woodland such as buying trees to plant, or hiring in equipment to get certain projects completed.

If I do end up being a millionaire from this substack, then I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. For now, rest assured, it will all be invested back into projects that I can document and share with you all.

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I'm living a life split between tree work, woodland management and woodworking. Follow along as I live a life of treedom.



Living a life of Treedom. Studying arboriculture, making stuff from wood, managing woodland, doing forestry and tree surgery. Sceptical of everything.